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The Volvo XC40 mild hybrid is now available to drive with Lease from just £419 per month. We have cars ready to deliver, so order today to avoid missing one of our best deals.

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¹ To qualify for the Volvo Lease offer, all customers must have placed an order via Lease (PCH). XC40 Lease offer figure of £419/month based on a Core trim, B3 engine specification, 48-month lease agreement with 6000 miles specified mileage. Terms apply. Subject to availability.

Drive an XC40 for less with Lease

Choosing to lease a Volvo XC40 mild hybrid means you’ll drive away with one of our most competitive offers yet. No advance payment is necessary. However making one can bring your monthly cost down even further. You can also tailor the lease to your personal needs, setting annual mileage, duration and your choice of additional services.

Our most popular SUV for a reason

Equally at home on narrow city roads and out on the motorway, the XC40 is our compact, smart and versatile SUV that has been engineered to deliver smooth take-offs and refined acceleration. And, like our other mild hybrids, harnessed energy reduces fuel consumption and tailpipe emissions.

Cars available for fast delivery

Order a new XC40 mild hybrid stock car today for quick delivery. Simply select your trim and engine specifications, then apply for a Volvo Lease. You can get one from £419 per month, and we will deliver a new XC40 to you as fast as we can.

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Volvo XC40 mild hybrid

Our compact SUV. For every version of you. Especially the one that enjoys saving money.

WLTP Petrol B3 FWD: Fuel Consumption (Combined) 42.2 mpg. Emissions CO2 (Combined) 151 g/km.

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FAQ - XC40 Leasing

When does this offer apply?

The XC40 mild hybrid Lease offer currently applies and is subject to availability.

​Which Volvo finance options are included in this offer?

This XC40 mild hybrid offer is only available to customers applying for Lease.

How do I apply for Lease?

Once you have chosen your XC40 mild hybrid, select your specifications and customise your drive. Then click the ‘choose financing’ button. Choose Lease, then finalise your details and check out.

Which XC40 models are included in this offer?

This offer applies to all variants and trims on the XC40 mild hybrid, though the monthly cost will be higher than £419 if you choose other specifications than those listed in the disclaimer. The offer does not apply to the XC40 Recharge.

When will you deliver my XC40?

We will endeavour to get the car to you as soon as possible. 

² To qualify for Volvo Finance Discount Contribution (FDC), all customers must have placed an order via Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) or Volvo Loan. Up to £7,000 will be contributed by Volvo. Subject to availability. Volvo Loan and PCP available on selected new cars through Volvo Car Financial Services UK Limited, SL6 4FL. Terms apply.

³ Volvo Loan available on new cars through Volvo Car Financial Services UK Limited, SL6 4FL. Terms apply. Subject to availability.

⁴ To qualify for Volvo Cash Saving, all customers must have placed an order via a cash purchase. Subject to availability. Terms apply.