EX30. Big electric performance in a small package.


A partial view of the front top of a Volvo EX30

An extreme close-up image of the rear emblem of a Volvo EX30.

 A rear view of a Volvo EX30 parked at the edge of an open-sided concrete structure overlooking water.

298 miles 

Electric range 

(up to) ​

​26.5 m 

Estimated DC fast charging time (10-80 %)

15.7 kWh

Energy consumption

(per 100km)



(0-62 mph)


The stylish soundbar is the centrepiece of a high-performance audio system.

Park Pilot Assist

The EX30 can park itself, steering, accelerating and braking for you.

Ambience themes

Five illumination and sound themes conjure the ambience of Scandinavia.

Smart storage solutions 

Practical storage solutions and a versatile boot add convenience and comfort.

Combined centre display

A 12.3" tablet is your combined driver and centre display. It puts at-a-glance driver information and your favourite controls on one screen.

Responsive controls

The touchscreen is designed to deliver high-definition visuals with minimal glare and reflections. And it’s responsive. Sensors and an infrared film make commands instantaneous.

Image of the EX30's high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style centre display with its smart shortcuts and settings.

Image of the EX30's high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style centre display in the calm mode.

Close-up of the EX30's high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style centre display with Google Maps built in.

Smart shortcuts and settings

Look for the most-used controls at the bottom of your centre display. These aren't standard shortcuts, though. Controls only appear when the feature is available. Want that tailgate up? You'll have to wait until your speed is low enough for it to function. Widgets on the centre display are smart, too. Get access to navigation, your phone and media without having to swipe. Just tap to access full functionality. The welcome view makes it easier to customise your drive before you even set off. Choose an ambience theme to set the mood, activate controls like one pedal drive and engage Pilot Assist.

Driver display views

Get driver information how you want it. The calm view sweeps away everything but essential driver information. Surround-view presents the same information plus active driver support features and a real-time look at vehicles around you. Choose your preferred view on the centre display or program a switch on the steering wheel to toggle between them.

Intuitive control with Google built-in

With Google apps and services built-in, you can connect to your digital life without pairing your phone to the car. Download your favourite apps on Google Play and use them hands-free with Google Assistant. Now your music, audiobooks and podcasts can be called up simply by saying, ‘Hey Google.’ Google Assistant can also be used to control some car functions, make calls and send texts, check opening hours and do the same quick searches you do on your phone. Navigate more confidently using Google Maps. Easily set your destination and view turn-by-turn directions on the centre display. You’ll also see your available range, estimated battery level at your destination and charging stations on your chosen route. Your experience will become more seamless over time as Google adapts to your preferences.

Volvo EX30 app.

Image of a smartphone with the Volvo EX30 app that gives access to convenient services and functionalities.

Make the most of your car’s features and functionality with the Volvo EX30 app.

Seamless onboarding

The EX30 owner experience begins and ends with the app. Even before it arrives, use it to set up and personalise your car.

Remote control

Use the app to remotely adjust climate settings, control charging, update and upgrade software set your course and much more.

Image showing the squared sport steering wheel of the Volvo EX30.

Squared sport steering wheel

The squared design of the steering wheel delivers a sporty grip. And it’s packed with stylish switches for driver controls. You can even customise one for convenient access to a specific function. When the temperature drops, heat the steering wheel. Use the centre display or let the car do it automatically. Below 7°C, the steering wheel can be heated as part of a preconditioning program scheduled in your Volvo EX30 app.

Versatile cargo spaces and storage

Load and unload whatever you’re hauling more easily in the EX30’s wide 318L boot. It has a flat floor, no lip, and you can lower it for extra convenience. Need to pack more in? There’s a hidden compartment under the load floor and the bonnet, and you can fold down some or all the backrests to increase cargo capacity. A central multi-storage gives everyone space on the floor. Pop down your bags and takeaways without worrying about spills. There’s more space slotted underneath it for even smaller items. Look for hooks, holders, nets, boxes and pockets throughout the cabin and boot. Volvo cars are designed for life, and life comes with stuff.

Image showing the spacious and versatile cargo space and storage of the Volvo EX30.

Image showing the slim and ergonomic seats of the Volvo EX30.

Slim, ergonomic seats

Volvo design seats to maximise support for the spine. This can reduce pressure, hunching and shoulder strain. Find your ideal seating position using the power-operated settings. This doesn't mean bulky front seats, though. Their slim profile aligns with the minimalistic design approach and improves legroom for rear-seat passengers. Want your seat a little toastier? Use the centre display to heat it or let the car do it automatically when temperatures drop below 7°C. It's part of a preconditioning program you set up in the Volvo EX30 app.​

Park Pilot Assist

The EX30 can steer, accelerate and brake to park itself. And yes, it can even parallel park. Just keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you and take over if something unexpected happens. The car will find good parking spots, too. At speeds up to 13mph, it can locate spaces and show your options on the centre display. Pick one, and the car will do the rest.

360° camera

Cameras on all sides give you a high-resolution 360° birds-eye view of your car. This view automatically pops up on the centre display when you go into reverse gear or approach an obstacle at low speed. Call it up when you want it and get a split screen 360° and 180° view side by side. No more switching between them. Isolate cameras when you want to see a front, rear or side view. And get a look at your car and the world around it in intuitive 3D.

Door opening alert

The EX30 uses rear radars to detect cyclists and scooters approaching from behind, sounding an alert if someone in the car goes to open a door. The alert has two levels. First, you’ll hear a warning on the centre display and a steady BLIS light. When a collision risk is imminent, the alert escalates. You’ll hear a warning sound and the BLIS light will flash.

Collision avoidance systems

The EX30 is designed to help you avoid or mitigate collisions with other vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists any time, day or night. It can send audio and visual alerts and brake pulse warnings when a collision risk is detected. If a collision is imminent or should you turn into the path of an oncoming vehicle at an intersection, the car can brake automatically. In some situations, it can even steer the car to avoid or mitigate a collision.

Driver alert system

Your car can detect distracted and drowsy drivers. An infrared sensor on the steering column tracks the driver's eye and head movements. It tracks how fast or slow they blink and how often. A front-facing camera watches the road to detect erratic driving. And another sensor monitors the steering wheel. When this data is analysed together, and a distracted or drowsy driver is detected, the car can drop the driver messages to say it's time to focus or take a break.

Pilot Assist

Pilot Assist helps you in many small ways that can make a big difference. Ready to change lanes? Let your car make a move. There must be enough time and space to complete the lane change, and you should maintain your grip on the steering wheel. But this new feature is designed to reduce the pressure of lane changes. Your car can help make passing and driving alongside large vehicles less unpleasant. It does it by increasing and maintaining the distance between the side of your car and the other vehicle. And when there are trucks on both sides, the car will steer to a centre point between them. Pilot Assist adapts your speed to maintain the distance between you and the vehicle directly in front of you. This can be a massive help in stop-and-go traffic especially. Your car can brake to a complete standstill if the car in front stops. But if that car stops only briefly, your car will automatically resume driving. 

Better charging, faster.

Image of the EX30's high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style centre display with its charging reminders and charging points.

Charging reminders and station finder

A 20 per cent charge automatically triggers a charging reminder. With the reminder, your car offers to list nearby public charging stations on Google Maps. Select a station and enjoy turn-by-turn navigation plus an estimated time of arrival and expected charge level on arrival.

Battery preconditioning for rapid charging

Select your route to a charging station, and your car will precondition the battery, pre-heating or pre-cooling it to the optimal temperature for charging. That can make a big difference to how rapidly and efficiently the battery charges when you arrive.

Charge 10% to 80% in 26.5 minutes

Charge your EX30 from 10 to 80 per cent in 26.5 minutes at fast public charging stations. A Volvo Cars wall box makes rapid charging at home faster, too. Compared to a regular household socket, it can charge your EX30 up to five times faster. And you can start and stop charging, schedule charging and monitor progress on the wall box and your smartphone.

Image of the EX30's high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style centre display and its over the air updates.

Image of the 5G logo giving you real-time connection in the Volvo EX30.

Image of the Snapdragon® Cockpit Platforms logo that is being used for the infotainment system in the Volvo EX30.

Easy software updates

Over-the-air (OTA) updates are an effortless way to equip your car with the latest software. No workshop visits. No customer helplines. Using the Volvo EX30 app, you can schedule OTA updates at the best time for you. Then they’re rolled out via the cloud straight to the car. OTA updates also make it easy to add new and complementary software-based functions to your car when you want them.

Real-time connection with 5G

The EX30 is equipped to access high-speed 5G mobile networks. It's a rate of connectivity that gives you real-time communication between the network and the car. It can also plug your EX30 into the traffic ecosystem outside the car. For example, your car can share its location and speed to Google so Google Maps can navigate a route that avoids congestion and gets you where you want to be in the shortest time. The car will use other available mobile networks where 5G isn't offered.

Snapdragon® Cockpit Platforms

The next-generation infotainment system is powered by software developed by Volvo's in-house engineering experts and Snapdragon Cockpit Platforms from Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. This state-of-the-art computing power means core functions, from safety and infotainment to battery management and displays, are fast, responsive and precise.

​Driving experience

Intuitive by design.

Simpler and more customisable driver controls and displays help make driving less complicated and more intuitive.

Close-up of the EX30's high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style centre display.

Close-up of the EX30's high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style centre display in the calm mode.

Close-up of the EX30's high-definition 12.3-inch touchscreen tablet-style centre display and its Google services.


Recycled. Renewed. Refined.

Volvo has crafted four nature-inspired interiors for the EX30. They blend beautifully colour-coordinated upholsteries and décor made from renewable and recycled materials.

The 5-seat cabin of the Volvo EX30 in an interior design theme called Breeze.


The 5-seat cabin of the Volvo EX30 in an interior design theme called Mist.


The 5-seat cabin of the Volvo EX30 in an interior design theme called Pine.

Pine ​

The 5-seat cabin of the Volvo EX30 in an interior design theme called Indigo.


Cabin highlights

Interiors with intention.

Volvo has selected renewable and recycled materials to elevate the details of each interior.

Close up of an EX30's interior front passenger shelf's particle recycled décor.

Close-up of the Volvo EX30's steering wheel

Image of the Volvo EX30's textile inlay mats made partially from fish net and inspired by rain drops.

Patterned 3D knit upholstery

Volvo pairs their recycled Pixel Knit & Nordico smooth material made partly from pine oil.

​Particle decor

An innovative decor recycling plastic from discarded PVC window frames and roller shutters.

Tailored steering wheel

Luxurious fabric, satin silk trim and stitching create a crafted look and feel.​

Textile inlay mats 

Discarded fishing nets and other waste materials are recycled into sturdy inlay mats.​

Sound system

Powerful soundbar

The soundbar's five integrated speakers deliver driver-focused sound. And its sleek minimalistic design makes a stylish addition to the cabin.

Overview of a soundbar from Harmon Kardon and the inside of a Volvo EX30

Close-up of the logo of a speaker from Harmon Kardon from the inside of a Volvo EX30

Customisable audio

Every aspect of the audio system is tuned to the interior. Select Dynamic, Soft or Voice mode to deepen your listening experience, or customise a sound mode.

Harman Kardon Premium Sound

With the new soundbar concept, a 1040W amplifier and nine high-performance speakers, this state-of-the-art system delivers immersive surround sound for everyone.

Scandinavian ambience themes

Summon Scandinavian nature by selecting an ambience theme on the centre display. Panel décors, door panels and front seat storage will illuminate with slow-shifting colours that take on nuances complementary to the interior. Activate ambient sound to deepen the immersion.


From debris to décor.

Designed to have the smallest carbon footprint of any Volvo car to date, the EX30 uses renewable and recycled materials in new ways.

Close-up of the recycled material used in the Volvo EX30.

Responsible design

A minimalistic design approach and efficient use of materials helped us reduce or eliminate waste.

Exterior materials

Around 25 per cent of all aluminium and 17 per cent of all steel and plastics used in the EX30 are recycled.

Interior materials

Around 30 per cent of décor parts use recycled plastic, plus recycled and renewable surfaces.

*Based on lifecycle CO₂ footprint over 200,000 km of driving using EU27 electricity mix and related to globally available products.

EX30 specifications


Car dimensions







Width incl. mirrors


Motor and battery

​Nominal energy 69kWh

DC fast charging station 26.5m

Charging home 8h

Single Motor

Electric Range (Combined)

Up to 213.8 mi

Electric Energy Consumption (Combined)

16.7 kWh/100km

Electric Range (City)

Up to 295.2 mi

Electric Energy Consumption (City)

12.1 kWh/100km

​Range Single Motor Extended Range

Electric Range (Combined)

Up to 298.3 mi

Electric Energy Consumption (Combined)

15.7 kWh/100km

Electric Range (City)

Up to 411.3 mi

Electric Energy Consumption (City)

11.4 kWh/100km

​Range Twin Motor Performance

Electric Range (Combined)

Up to 285.8 mi

Electric Energy Consumption (Combined)

16.3 kWh/100km

Electric Range (City)

Up to 394.6 mi

Electric Energy Consumption (City)

11.8 kWh/100km

​Single Motor

Horsepower amount (electric)


Torque (electric)


Top speed


Acceleration (0-100 km/h)


​Single Motor Extended Range

Horsepower amount (electric)


Torque (electric)


Top speed


Acceleration (0-100 km/h)


Twin Motor Performance

Horsepower amount (electric)


Torque (electric)


Top speed


Acceleration (0-100 km/h)


Seating and cargo capacity

5 seats

Flat-folding two-split rear seat

Load compartment

Front load compartment

​5 seats

All five occupants will appreciate the comfort of an ergonomically designed seat. The easily adjustable front seats make it easy to find the perfect seating position. The front seat backsides are upholstered in the same material as the seats for a premium look and feel, and the slim backside design contributes to increased legroom for the rear passengers. Further enhancing the versatility of your Volvo, the rear seat is easy to fold individually into the load area floor so you can transport passengers and/or cargo without compromising either comfort or safety.​

Flat-folding two-split rear seat

Ergonomic seat design allows the rear seat passengers to travel in comfort even during long trips. The rear seat backrest is split into two sections 40/60 which makes them easy to fold individually, so you can transport both passengers and cargo without compromising comfort. The discrete ISOFIX attachments in the outer rear seat positions allow quick and safe installation of ISOFIX-prepared child seats.

Load compartment

The stylish load compartment gives you the space you need to bring your gear and luggage. To make it really useful, it has a regular shape and the rear-wheel suspension is designed not to intrude on the load area. Shopping bag holder hooks help to keep your stuff in order. Four load-securing eyelets help you secure your cargo. And if you need more space, the two-split rear backrest folds separately to make it possible to combine both cargo and passengers without compromising on comfort. The maximum load volume behind the rear seat is 318 litres under the detachable parcel shelf. This includes a 61-litre hidden storage under the load floor. Adding to versatility, the load floor can be easily adjusted in two levels – a normal flat level and a low level for larger items such as suitcases. With the rear seats folded, a foldable protection net can be fitted behind the front seats to allow full utilisation of the load compartment and help protect occupants from loose cargo.

​Front-load compartment

The front-load compartment provides convenient extra storage and frees up valuable space from the rear-load compartment. It has two sections: an upper section for auxiliary charging cables, washer fluid bottles and other stuff, and a lower section dedicated to a warning triangle and a tyre repair kit. The two sections are divided by an easily removable load floor.


Full specifications and model details.

Seats 5

Width 1836mm

Height 1549mm

Length 4233mm

Cargo capacity (max) 318l

Trailer max weight 1600kg

Weight (Max Laden Mass) 2338 kg

Battery Capacity 69kWh

Top view of the Volvo EX30 in the colour cloud blue.

Combined centre display Get driver information how you want it.
Slim, ergonomic seats Volvo design seats to maximise support for the spine.
Scandinavian ambience themes Summon Scandinavian nature by selecting a theme.