Charging your Volvo


Advice for home charging

Just like plugging in your phone before you go to sleep, charging up your hybrid at night should become a part of your daily routine.​

Install a wall box at your home

Install a wall box at your home

Although the 3-pin socket cable we supply can be plugged straight into your wall, Volvo still recommend getting a professional to install a dedicated charging point at your home. This will give you access to safer and faster charging whenever you need it.

Save money with the OLEV grant

Save money with the OLEV grant

All Volvo plug-in hybrids are eligible for the Government’s Electric Home charge Scheme, which provides you grant funding of up to £500 or 75% of the cost of installing a charger at home.

Consider switching to renewable energy

If you’ve chosen a hybrid for environmental reasons, you can make it an even greener choice by switching your electricity supply to a renewable source (or even installing your own solar panels at home).

How often would I need to charge?

Frequency of charging depends on how far you usually drive in a day and the range of your car.

Volvo charging at charging post in interior environment

Create your personal charging routines.

At home, at work, out with friends or taking a longer road trip. Wherever the day or night takes you and however you live, it’s easy to create charging routines that reflect your lifestyle and circumstances.

Charge in harmony with your life. At home, at work, at your gym or your favourite grocery store.

Scheduled charging

Some electricity suppliers offer cheaper electricity at specific times of day (usually late at night). Scheduling to charge your car at these times can help you reduce costs. It is often more sustainable to charge at these times too.

​AC charging with household connector

A standard 220V household connector offers a typical charging rate of 7–14 km of range per hour, depending on country. This charging type is best suited for overnight charging of a plug-in hybrid or supplemental charging to top up a pure electric, but may not be practical for regularly charging a pure electric. For the fastest and most convenient charging at home, Volvo recommend installing a wall box.

AC fast charging/wall box

A stationary wall box is the fastest way to charge your pure electric or plug-in hybrid at home, typically offering 50–60 km of range per hour for the XC40 Recharge pure electric and taking 3–4 hours to fully charge a plug-in hybrid. This type of charging is also most common at many public charging stations.

DC fast charging

DC fast charging is only available at public charging stations and is mainly used for pure electric cars, mostly on long journeys when time is at a premium. This charging type works at much higher voltage and current than typical AC charging and offers much shorter charging times, though the charging cost is significantly higher. In 10 minutes, you can typically gain up to 100 km of range at a 150 kW station or around 30 km of range at a 50 kW station.

Discover Volvos pure electric and plug-in hybrid cars. Designed for a better way to move through the world.

Partial view of rear side of Volvo XC40 charging at charging postCharging a Volvo pure electric

To make the most of the battery life in a pure electric car, we recommend AC charging the battery up to 90% capacity for typical daily driving and preferably not letting the charge fall below 20%.

Partial view of Volvo seen from side in white interior environment charging at charging postCharging a Volvo plug-in hybrid

Regularly charging the battery to 100% is a great way to make the most of the electric range on plug-in hybrid. With a fuel engine also available, you can allow charge to get low without worry.

Luxury that cares

Experience the new luxury where instant power comes with low or zero tailpipe emissions. Volvo Recharge brings you technology, design and sustainable materials that elevate your drive.

Committed to safety

Since 1927, safety has been at the core of Volvo. And with the introduction of the Recharge car line, their ambition is to create the safest chargeable vehicles on the road. For people, and for their future.

Pure for real

In Pure electric mode you can drive your plug-in hybrid car without any tailpipe emissions. With a fully charged battery, this can allow daily commuting purely using the electric motor.

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