Save £40 on reversible and folding load cargo mat

The Volvo reversible and folding compartment mats are both practical and waterproof providing added protection to your cargo area. They are made of premium fabric on one side and plastic on the other and are specifically shaped to align with the floor space in the load compartment of your Volvo with an attractive design and scalloped edges.

A high quality, foldable and reversible protective mat. The mat is a tufted loop mat with fabric on one side and plastic on the other providing style for everyday use and a practical, protective solution for transporting messy cargo. Available from £50-£135 with £40 saving until the end of February.

Facts and advantages

  • Waterproof
  • Perfect fit adapted to the load compartment's floor
  • Reversible with tufted textile on one side and plastic on the other for transporting messy loads
  • Colour coded and harmonised with the rest of the interior
  • Has an integrated practical dirt cover that can be folded down over the bumper

Save 25% on Neck Cushions

Volvo's neck pillow provides comfortable support for the head thanks to its soft materials and high mouldability. It is easily attached to the any seat using a stretch band and the back of the neck pillow cover has a zip that makes it easy to remove for cleaning and airing. The neck pillow consists of a textile covered visco-elastic foam that moulds to the contours of your neck – great for any passengers who are resting or sleeping.

The wool pillow is a natural material that is soft and strong. Its excellent breathability contributes to the neck pillow feeling both warm and cool depending on the climate. The nubuck fabric is a durable, high quality material that provides comfortable support thanks to its soft surface. The neck pillow is offered in two colours and two materials and is available for £30 until the end of February.

Facts and advantages

  • Provides Comfortable support for the neck
  • Exclusive material that consists of 80% wool or nubuck fabric
  • Can be placed on any of the car’s seats and it's easy to put on and remove
  • Volvo branded

Winter Essential Pack for only £10

Ensure that you are prepared for Winter.

For an added layer of assurance, get yourself our Winter Essential Pack.
In a stylish Volvo-branded bag, you’ll find washer fluid, de-icer, ice scrapper, high visibility jacket and thermo blanket.

The Winter Essential Kit is applicable to all models.
To purchase a Winter Essential Pack for your vehicle or to discuss any other accessory offers available at the moment, simply contact your preferred Riverside Volvo retailer today.

Make it your own.

Your car is your pride and joy. It makes sense that you’ll want to make it unique.

Discover the range of styling Volvo accessories that would allow you to express your personality through your car’s appearance.

Find the perfect match for your Volvo by clicking on your preferred Riverside location below:

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