A Volvo XC60 Recharge plugged into a charging pole, being charged.

Volvo XC60 Recharge

Like your smartphone, but bigger. Intelligent design at every turn. Meet Volvo's smart plug-in hybrid midsize SUV with Google built-in.

Redefine your experience. You’re one step closer to more considerate mobility.

No compromises

Add electric power to your everyday drive and enjoy a plug-in hybrid that considers tomorrow without compromising today’s experience.

Agility to go

With one-pedal drive and all-wheel drive, the XC60 Recharge performs with agility while delivering relaxed control and a smooth, powerful drive.

Details matter. Tactile and sensory, this interior was created to move hearts and minds.

A white Volvo XC60 Recharge seen from directly above with interior visible.

Car dimensions


1658 mm


1999 mm


4708 mm

Width incl. mirrors

2117 mm


T6 AWD plug-in hybrid Electric/Petrol

AWD Automatic 350 hp 47.8 mi Acceleration 5.4s (0-62 mph)

T8 AWD plug-in hybrid Electric/Petrol

AWD Automatic 455 hp 47.8 mi Acceleration 4.6s (0-62 mph)

Full specifications and model details



Headroom front/rear

994 mm / 988 mm

Cargo Capacity

468 l


4708 mm


1999 mm


1658 mm

Maximum towing capacity

2250 kg

Electric energy consumption (weighted)

2.6 mi/kWh​