Honda HR-V Hybrid

HR-V Hybrid Exterior

Honda HR-V Hybrid

Honda's HR-V is a full hybrid and, unlike a mild hybrid, delivers dynamic electrified performance for a new generation of eco-conscious drivers.

An energetic, self-charging hybrid that delivers an invigorating driving experience through a unique powertrain. Inspired by F1 technology, this stylish sports coupe-style SUV packs verve, vitality and versatility into every journey.

Feel the self charging hybrid power

Designed with Honda's human centric philosophy in mind, the intelligent e:HEV full hybrid powertrain automatically selects from three drive modes: Electric, Hybrid or Engine.

Inspired by our commitment to recycling energy, it works like this: the petrol engine fuels the generator by supplying energy to the electric motor, which in turn propels the wheels leaving you to enjoy optimum performance and a seamless ride every time.

Electric Drive delivers instantaneous acceleration from standing using 2 electric motors.

Hybrid Drive combines the petrol engine and both electric motors for a highly efficient performance.

Engine Drive uses the petrol engine to maintain higher speeds, helping charge the electric motor with any excess energy stored in the battery for future use.

Hybrid selfcharging

The full hybrid experience

The real beauty of Honda’s e:HEV system means  full hybrids can run on silent electric power which a mild hybrid cannot do. The HR-V provides outstanding electrified performance and real-world economy.​

Fuel efficiency icon

No need to plug in

Honda e:HEV full hybrids are self-charging, drawing power from regenerative braking. There’s no need for a mains electricity supply, saving you time and hassle of installing a charging point.​

5 year warranty Icon


The HR-V can deliver up to 459 miles* on a full tank and achieves CO2 emissions as low 94g/km* without sacrificing comfort or performance. *HR-V WLTP data.​


Peace of mind

The energy from the battery not only feeds the electric motors to deliver exhilarating performance, but it also lowers your running costs and comes with a 5 year/90,000 miles warranty*. *Whichever comes first.

HR-V Hybrid Exterior

A self-charging hybrid built for a new generation of eco-conscious drivers

No need to plug-in
The HR-V self-charges by generating power as you drive; saving you the hassle of having to find a charging station.

Improved fuel economy
You’ll go much further for a lot less driving with the HR-V’s e:HEV powertrain. You can expect up to 460 miles on a full tank.

Peace of mind
The battery not only provides energy to lower your mileage costs – they come with a *5-year or 90,000 mile guarantee. *Whichever comes first.

Reducing emissions
A hybrid will produce fewer pollutants and with just 122g/km emissions, the HR-V takes another step towards a low carbon society.

Which Grade is for you?

​GradeYour choice

​Key Features

Front facing three quarter Honda HR-V


For those seeking the essential requirements of an SUV, but also value comfort and the latest technology.

​Honda CONNECT Honda SENSING Air diffusion system
Front facing three quarter Honda HR-V


​For drivers who enjoy a little more luxury as well as style.​Heated steering wheel Electric folding door mirrors Black synthetic leather and fabric seats
Front facing three quarter Honda HR-V

Advance Style

​For drivers looking for a fun design, who also desire the premium features of a full-spec vehicle.

​Orange accents Two-tone colour Wireless charger

Showing warning signs when a Honda car is reversing

Cross Traffic Monitor

When reversing, it can detect approaching vehicles from either side and warns you of imminent danger

Speedometer showing traffic sign recognition feature

Traffic Sign Recognition

Can detect the speed limit by identifying traffic signs, relaying it to you visually on the Driver Information Interface or Head-Up Display.​

Honda Car driving through and detecting the traffic sign speed limit

Intelligent Speed Limiter

​The maximum speed of the vehicle is determined by the speed limit detected by the Traffic Sign Recognition system.

Honda car driving behind another car showing detection signal in Collision management

Collision Mitigation System

Applies the brakes if there’s a possibility of a frontal collision, minimising the severity of any impact.

Front facing Honda CR-V driving through and showing road departure mitigation

Road Departure Mitigation

If your car veers off the road, it will apply subtle corrections to keep you safe. In certain conditions, it will apply the brakes.

Safety for everyone
Honda's dream is of a collision-free world that’s not just for drivers, but for all road users – a world where car safety technology can go hand-in-hand with the thrill of driving.

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A self charging machine that moves you​


The HR-V's responsive, self-charging hybrid engine is ready for occasion: whether you're travelling through town or high speed motoring, its always ready with exhilarating burst of acceleration. 

Choose between three different performance modes Sport for a responsive drive, Normal for a smooth ride and Econ for greater fuel efficiency. 

And rest assured that whatever mode you go for, the e:Hev self charging hybrid takes you further while being kinder to the planet- and your wallet. ​

Self-charging hybrid technology

Regenerative braking is used to recharge the battery, so you won’t need to stop and find an EV charging station.

Feel your way​


As you drive the regenerative braking system gets to work by recovering energy and recharging the batteries along the way- so you never need to plug in. 

For ultimate control and a ride that feels more electric, increase your HR-V's energy recovery by selecting Drive Mode B and adjusting the level of declaration effect via the steering wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

Great ride comfort from the all-new chassis, a drive mode chosen by you, and outstanding fuel economy- the end result is a fun energetic and effortless drive. ​

Safety features

Honda SENSING comes as standard, along with the Collision Mitigation Braking System. This triggers autonomous braking and steering manoeuvres in the event of an oncoming object or collision. Adaptive cruise control means the vehicle maintains a safe distance from the car in front.

Down to the last detail​


Honda's Advance Style boasts premium luxury finishes and innovative features. The integrated front grille, hidden rear silhouette that will get you noticed in town, country and everywhere between.

Looks aside, its practical too: take it all with you thanks to integrated roof rails, and park perfectly using the multi view rear camera and eight parking sensors to guide you into the snuggest of spaces.

Space and dimensions

Enjoy 35mm of extra legroom when compared to previous HR-V models and rear seats that recline even further. The cabin is spacious and comfortable for both the driver and passengers



HR-V hybrid air diffusion

A breath of fresh air

You and your loved ones will be driving in a healthy atmosphere thanks to our new air diffusion system that creates a flow of fresh air around everyone.

Kid travelling on the HR-V hybrid connected to wifi hotspot

Wi-Fi on the go

The light spacious interior of the HR-V is also a *Wi-Fi hotspot, so you and your passengers can stay connected wherever you go. *Subscription fees apply

Honda connect 9 inch screen display


With your smartphone connected, our infotainment system – with Android AutoTM and Apple CarPlay – displays all your apps on the 9” screen, a quick glance is all you need



Front seats in HR-V

Drive in comfort

The premium quality, half synthetic leather and fabric seats of the HR-V are finished with a unique stitching pattern; what’s more, the front seats are heated for added comfort.​

Front view of the HR-V

Extra senses

The HR-V knows when rain is in the air and will automatically switch on the wipers. It also has front and rear parking sensors for confident parking.

Rear view camera displaying the wide-angle view of the area directly behind on the 9” screen

See the unseen

When reversing your HR-V, the rear-view camera displays a wide-angle view of the area directly behind you on the 9” screen.