Honda e

The Honda e is a car designed and shaped by the city and how we live our lives today. A car that seamlessly links all the different aspects of your life with intelligent connectivity. A car created with a sporty character, yet capable of offering remarkable levels of comfort. And of course, a car that produces zero emissions when driving.

Welcome to the next generation.

Discover the Honda e

There’s never been a greater push to reduce CO2 emissions on a global scale like we see today, and playing your part has never been simpler. Choosing to switch to an all-electric vehicle such as the intelligent new Honda e, you will be able to enjoy impressive motoring experiences without harmful emissions. This next generation vehicle instead enables you to take to the road with a clear conscience that you’re doing your bit.

To help deliver a sporty character, power is delivered through the rear wheels, which also enables greater steering articulation for the front wheels. As a result, the turning radius is approximately 4.3 metres, ensuring the Honda e is exceptionally manoeuvrable in narrow streets. 

The Honda e provides a rewarding and sporty driving experience with its low centre of gravity and even 50:50 weight distribution. With its compact size and short overhangs, the Honda e brings optimal balance, stability and handling to your electric drive.​

Charge intelligently

e: PROGRESS is an advanced charging service exclusively for Honda e-drivers. Its intelligent charging subscription makes sure your car runs on low-cost, clean and green electricity. Join the growing group of customers already saving money with Honda's service.​

Honda SENSING: Feel safe with Honda.

Altogether safer

Honda SENSING has been created to keep you, your passengers and everyone safe. It’s an intelligent suite of advanced safety features that will assist you as you drive and underlines Honda's commitment to road safety.

Speedometer showing traffic sign recognition feature

​Traffic Sign Recognition

​Can detect the speed limit by identifying traffic signs and relaying it to you visually on the Driver Information Interface or Head-Up Display. 

Showing warning signs when a Honda car is reversing

​Cross Traffic Monitor

​When reversing, it can detect approaching vehicles from either side and warns you of imminent danger. 

Honda Car driving through and detecting the traffic sign speed limit

​Intelligent Speed Limiter 

​The maximum speed of the vehicle is determined by the speed limit detected by the Traffic Sign Recognition system.

Honda car driving behind another car showing detection signal in Collision management

​Collision Mitigation System 

​Applies the brakes if there's a possibility of a frontal collision, minimising the severity of any impact.

Front facing Honda CR-V driving through and showing road departure mitigation

Road Departure Mitigation 

If your car veers of the road, it will apply subtle corrections to keep you safe. In certain conditions apply the brakes.

Dashboard screen showing braking control configurationsLow Speed Braking Control

The Low Speed Brake Function warns you of an unseen object before applying the brakes. While Collision Mitigation Throttle Control prevents sudden acceleration when there is a stationary obstacle such as a car or pedestrian or object in front of the car.

Driver using GPS screenLead Car Departure Notification- Alerts you when the car has moved ahead from a standstill.

Safety for everyone

Honda's dream is of a collision-free world that’s not just for drivers, but for all road users – a world where car safety technology can go hand-in-hand with the thrill of driving.


Style and protection for you and your Honda e. Choose the pack that suits you and enjoy the drive even more.

Front right three quarter view Honda e in studio

Front right three quarter view Honda e in studio

Boot Mat, Front and rear rubber mats.

U.R.B.A.N. Pack / Black

This pack adds a classy accent to your Honda e. The trims around the car offer extra protection and are a reference to the Urban EV Concept. Includes: Door Sill Trims, Bumper Trims and Side Body Trims.

U.R.B.A.N. Pack / Black and Blue

This pack adds a classy accent to your Honda e. The trims around the car and the blue accents offer extra protection and are a reference to the Urban EV Concept. Includes: Door Sill Trims, Bumper Trims and Side Body Trims.

Protection Pack

This pack offers real-life protection for your Honda e. Includes: Boot Mat and Front and Rear Rubber Mats.

Close up of charge port lid cover

Close up of illuminated door sill trims

Extensive Protection Pack

This pack offers maximum real-life protection for your Honda e. Includes: Boot Mat, Front and Rear Rubber Mats, Charge Port Lid Cover and Charge Port Protection Film.

Illumination Pack

This pack uses a combination of lights to give an ambient atmosphere to the inside of your Honda e. Includes: Illuminated Door Sill Trims and the Console Illumination.

Style Pack

Add a touch of pure simplicity to your Honda e with this body-coloured accessory pack.
Each pack contains a Front Lower Decoration, Rear Lower Decoration and Side Lower Decoration to give your Honda e a real retro and minimalistic look. The Style Pack also comes in Blue and Nordic Silver.

Rear-three quarter Honda e with detachable bicycle carrier

Close up of the CMS (Camera Mirror System) cover

A-Pillar garnish - Nordic Silver

Detachable Bicycle Carrier Attachment

The Detachable Bike Carrier Attachment kit comes with a 13-pin trailer harness and offers the perfect solution if you are planning a bicycle trip. The bike carrier attachment is designed for easy handling and is compliant with Honda’s strict safety regulations.

CMS Cover / Nordic Silver

The Camera Mirror System (CMS) Cover replaces the standard CMS cover. The Nordic Silver colour adds an extra stylish accent onto your Honda e. Also available in blue.

A-Pillar Decoration / Nordic Silver

This A-Pillar garnish replaces the standard A-Pillar. The Nordic Silver colour adds an extra stylish accent onto your Honda e. Also available in blue.

Front-right three quarter view front spoiler

Reversible boot matt

Close up view of the front black sticker

Front Under Spoiler / Black

This spoiler adds a vintage sporty touch to the front area of the car. Also available in blue.

Reversible Boot Mat

Keep the boot area clean and free from dirt and scratches. Our waterproof Reversible Boot Mat is designed to fit perfectly in the area that needs the most protection.

Sticker Set

This black Sticker Set gives your Honda e a sporty yet stylish accent. Applied on the bonnet and trunk.

Close up of the interior panel set finished in a bronze colour

Closer up of door sill trims

Close up of Honda E Power Charger.

Interior Panel Set / Bronze

Make your space a little more individual by fitting these attractive interior panels which replace the standard trim. The top layer is finished in a bronze-coloured structured surface.

Door Sill Trims

The Door Sill Trims add a personal touch to your car while protecting the door sills from marks and scratches. Crafted in shiny black aluminum, they also have an eye-catching Honda e logo. The set includes front and rear trims.

Fill up with clean energy

Easy to handle and efficient, the cable connectors are made from the best materials available and are extremely safe to use, simply plug into the Honda e and the Honda Power Charger does the rest.

Close up of Honda E Power Charger high-quality stainless steel pedestal.

Close up of Honda E Power Charger mode 2 charging cable.

Close up of Honda E Power Charger mode 3 charging cable.


The Honda Power Charger allows a variety of set-up options. It can be mounted either on the wall or on a high-quality stainless steel pedestal (single mounting, double mounting back-to-back or double mounting on a triangular base for juxtaposed parking spaces).

Mode 2 charging cable

Suitable for grid-to-vehicle charging with dual thermal sensors to detect and prevent overheating. This cable has silver-plated connections for excellent reliability over the product’s lifetime. Zip it up and stow away in the protective bag when not in use.

Mode 3 charging cable

Suitable for charging at home or at public charging poles and designed to operate in extreme weather conditions; capable of charging single or three-phase at 32A maximum. It has silver-plated connections for excellent reliability over the product’s lifetime and when not in use, zip it up and stow it away in the protective bag

Front view brown leather upholstery

Rear seats with Leather Cushion Set / Midnight Black

Side view of the front seats showing the two options of leather upholstery

Leather Upholstery / Dark Brown / Midnight Black 

What could be better than a bespoke leather interior? This premium upholstery – a combination of Dark Brown nappa leather and grey fabric – covers the front seats and the 4 door armrests. In the rear area, the headrest is also fitted with nappa leather. This genuine upholstery comes with Honda’s inbuilt production quality, durability and premium finishing.

Leather Cushion Set / Midnight Black / Dark Brown

This set of 2 premium Midnight Black coloured cushions completes the quality feeling of the bespoke leather (optional).

Ride in luxury

Choose Dark Brown or Midnight Black leather upholstery for your Honda e and you can be sure of a premium finish with superior levels of comfort whichever you decide upon.

Deatail view of the Midnight Black leather upholstery

Close up of Dark Brown leather armrest

Detailed design

The Honda e was designed to be different and that goes for the interior too. Quality leather with a premium stitched detail completes the individual look. Also available in Dark Brown.

Looking good

An interior that puts comfort as well as looks at the top of the list. The armrests are beautifully finished and stitched to compliment the premium leather seats. Also available in Midnight Black.

By simplifying we focus


By Simplifying we focus​

With its beautifully simple design and friendly personality, the Honda e will attract attention wherever you go. This is matched by a host of up-to-the-minute innovations and clever ideas that make the new Honda e so unique. 

It's smooth lines not only enhance the overall appearance of the car, but also reduces drag, improving its efficiency. ​

Integrated Design


Integrated design

The Honda e's simple, uncluttered appearance has been achieved by integrating many of its external features. The front headlights, radar sensor and forward-facing camera, for instance, are all contained within a single panel.

Two compact high-definition cameras replace conventional mirrors and a dramatic black tinted glass roof completes the smooth seamless feel.​

Design Details


Design Details 

A combination of design simplicity and advanced technology can be seen in every detail. The front door handles fit flush to the bodywork, only extending out and illuminating when you approach the car; whilst at the rear, they are hidden within the window area. 

Front and rear lights are multi-functional and incorporate the indicators into one cohesive design; the headlights even welcome you with animation when you unlock the car. The charging point, located centrally on the bonnet, allows easy access from either side and helpfully lights up when in use. ​

Born to be electric


Born to be electric

Electricity provides the perfect energy for city driving, its clean, efficient and produces dynamic performance and zero emissions. 

The new Honda e has been designed to be electric from the ground up, so no compromise has had to be made with its dynamics and handling. Power comes from a compact 35.5kWh lithium-ion battery, which drives the rear wheels via an electric powertrain, exclusively developed for the Honda e.

Fully charged, it has a range of up to 137miles* which is more than enough to do all the things you love to do in and around town. Performance and range are constantly maximised, thanks to a clever system that keeps the batteries at their optimum working temperature. ​

connected to your life


Connected to your life​

Life is better when you feel connected. Honda e seamlessly connects you to your world with their latest intelligent technology. You can communicate with it remotely from your smart phone via their My Honda + App which amongst other things, allows you to schedule charge times, close the car windows, or pre heat the interior, giving you a warm welcome on cold days. You can even use your smart phone as a Digital Key* to lock, unlock and even start the car.

The voice activated Honda Personal Assistant can hold a natural conversation with you, using contextual understanding to learn how to offer you relevant recommendations. So, if you need help checking the weather, finding the nearest charging point, your favourite music or choice of restaurant, your Honda Personal Assistant is there for you. ​

Your space


Your Space

A calm, spacious and contemporary interior welcomes you and your passengers. The uncluttered and beautifully simple design provides maximum room and total comfort in which to enjoy the premium sound system. Tactile surfaces and refined materials insulate you from the hustle and bustle of the city streets.