What does an EV service include? An EV service typically includes battery health checks, software updates, electrical system inspections, brake inspections, fluid level checks and charging system maintenance, ensuring optimal vehicle performance.

Trained Technicians Our manufacturer-trained technicians understand electric vehicles inside and out; you can rely on us to deliver expert results at prices you can afford.
Latest Software Updates EV software updates improve vehicle performance, enhance battery efficiency, add new features, ensure cybersecurity, fix bugs, improve charging speeds and provide the latest advancements, ensuring an optimal, safe driving experience.
Genuine Parts We only ever use genuine manufacturer parts, which are designed to work seamlessly with your vehicle and last longer than inferior alternatives.
Multi-Point Inspection Our Multi-point EV inspection ensures comprehensive vehicle assessment, identifies potential issues early, maintains safety standards, enhances performance, prolongs vehicle lifespan, and provides peace of mind with thorough diagnostics and maintenance.
Looking for an upgrade? Thinking about selling your old vehicle? Allow us to provide you with an accurate and fair assessment of its value. You can then put its equity towards a newer, more efficient electric or hybrid model.

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Is an EV Service Plan worth it?


Yes, a Riverside EV service plan offers fixed costs, convenient scheduling, professional maintenance, genuine parts and peace of mind, ensuring your vehicle remains well-maintained and reliable.

How does an EV service differ from regular vehicle servicing?


An EV service focuses more on electrical components, battery health and software updates, whereas conventional vehicle servicing covers more mechanical aspects, such as oil changes and engine maintenance.

How often should my EV be serviced?


EVs typically require a service every 12 months (or 10,000 to 15,000 miles). For recommended service schedules, please refer to your vehicle’s owner manual or onboard system – or, contact your local Riverside Motor Group service team.

Why is software updating important for my EV?


Software updates boost EV performance, optimise battery efficiency, introduce new features, enhance security, resolve bugs and elevate your overall driving experience.