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If you receive a qualifying disability allowance, you can use it to lease a brand-new CUPRA, Honda or SEAT vehicle from Riverside Motor Group.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Are you eligible for Motability? If so, you could save money on everyday driving by leasing one of our super-efficient, zero-emission EVs.
What is an EV? Well, it stands for electric vehicle, and it’s powered by a battery-driven electric motor, as opposed to a conventional car which is propelled by an internal combustion engine.
Here at Riverside Motor Group, we feature a wide choice of EVs produced by CUPRA, Honda, and Volvo. We also have fuel-efficient, low-emission hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) produced by the same automakers, in addition to Mitsubishi and SEAT.
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Electrify your motoring life

At Riverside Motor Group, we work with five great brands – why not select your ideal Motability EV, PHEV or HEV today?

Environment Since EVs produce zero harmful emissions, they’re very kind to the environment. This is because, unlike regular cars, no diesel or petrol is required. Instead, an EV is powered by electricity, making it the cleanest, greenest motoring option.

Running costs EVs are the most affordable type of motor car to run, simply because electricity is cheaper than fossil fuel. They’re also cost-effective to maintain because an electric powertrain features fewer moving parts than an internal combustion engine, which means they’re less likely to malfunction. What’s more, since EVs produces zero CO2 or NOx emissions, they’re entirely exempt from Clean Air Zone charges levied in cities such as Bradford, Sheffield, Birmingham and London.
Performance EVs are every bit as powerful as their petrol/diesel counterparts. Take the CUPRA Born, for example. The regular 58kWh/201bhp model goes from 0-62mph in 7.3 seconds (or even faster with 58kWh/228bhp and 77kWh/228bhp variants). Furthermore, it offers a range of up to 264 miles.

Connectivity No need to worry about how to charge your EV because it can be charged at home, at work and by using one of more than 55,300 UK-wide public connectors. Moreover, when you select your first all-electric car on Motability, a home chargepoint (including standard installation) is included with your lease package. If you don’t have access to off-street charging, you’ll have access to the bp pulse network of public chargepoints instead.
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