Buy My Car in 2 Simple Steps

Free valuation in under 50 seconds Tired of your old vehicle? Don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free, quick and fair online valuation service which lets you put your car’s worth towards an upgraded model.

In three easy Steps

Valuing your car with Riverside is simplicity itself.

    Step 1 - Vehicle Detail To begin the process, we just need your car’s registration number and mileage.

    Step 2 - Contact Details This allows us to provide you with your free online valuation.

    Step 3 - Receive Valuation Once you’ve received your valuation, you can decide what to do next – upgrade to a new, better model, for example.

    What is your Valuations score?

    Following a physical inspection of your car, we categorise it according to its condition.

    Showroom condition ▪ A vehicle that’s in pristine condition with no visible scratches, dents or rust.
    ▪ Inside, the car is spotless, with no stains, tears or significant wear to the upholstery. All components (dashboard, seats, controls, etc.) are clean and fully functioning.
    ▪ Mechanically, the vehicle runs smoothly with no issues and all elements (including engine, suspension, transmission and brakes) are in excellent working order.
    ▪ The car comes with a full service history.
    ▪ Tyres and wheels have minimal wear.
    ▪ Optional extras/modifications are in perfect condition and working properly.
    ▪ Mileage is low for a car of its age.
    Average condition ▪ The vehicle has minor cosmetic blemishes: light scratching, minor dents, for instance. ▪ Inside, the car shows signs of minor wear and tear but is otherwise in good condition, with everything functioning correctly.
    ▪ Mechanically, the vehicle operates well but minor issues may need attention. ▪ Service history is not entirely complete.
    ▪ Tyres and wheels show expected wear but are otherwise roadworthy but may need imminent replacement.
    ▪ Optional extras/modifications are functioning correctly but are showing signs of use and wear.
    ▪ Mileage is typical for a car of its age.
    Below average condition ▪ Outside and inside, the car has significant cosmetic damage.
    ▪ Mechanically, there are issues that require attention.
    ▪ Service history is incomplete.
    ▪ Tyres and wheels are worn, damaged and/or corroded and require replacement.
    ▪ Optional extras/modifications are in poor condition and malfunctioning.
    ▪ Mileage is high for a car of its age.

    Frequently asked questions 

    Please view our frequently asked questions regarding valuations – and if your query is unanswered, don’t hesitate to contact us.

    What factors influence the valuation of my car?


    The key factors are make, model, age, condition, service history, market demand and any optional extras.

    How can I improve the value of my car?


    Where possible, please bring the car’s V5C registration document, service history, MOT certificates, repair receipts, warranties, owner’s manual and spare keys.

    Will modifications or aftermarket parts affect my car's valuation?


    Yes, high-quality modifications in particular tend to increase value, whereas undesirable or poor-quality modifications will likely decrease it.