My Honda + App

The My Honda+ app will provide you with a range of connected services to support you when you are on the move or away from your car. Take a closer look.

Core Connectivity

Core Connectivity is complimentary with the My Honda+ app and allows you to interact with your car via your smartphone. This subscription gives you access to a host of clever security and information features like Virtual Dashboard to assist you when planning your journey. Wherever you are, your car is always close to hand.

Safety & Journey

You’ll always feel a sense of security with Safety & Journey, which features an alert – via the app – if the car is moved outside a set geofenced zone. What’s more, you’ll always know where your car is with the Car Locator. Also included is Honda Digital Roadside Assistance, which will send your vehicle’s coordinates to your assistance provider in the event of a breakdown.

Honda Digital Key

Honda owners will love the seamless entry and start function. Basically, your smartphone is your key and you can lock, unlock, remotely open and close windows and share access to the vehicle remotely too.  Honda Digital Key also provides additional functions, like the use of Bluetooth to unlock your car when you don’t have a signal.

In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot

The Honda e, HR-V and Jazz range feature In-Car Wi-Fi Hotspot capability. This allows you and your passengers access to the internet through multiple devices while you’re on the move. 

Honda Personal Assistant

If you want to know, where the nearest charging point or petrol station is, then just ask the question and the Honda Personal Assistant will inform you. Just say, “OK Honda” and the conversation begins.

Subscriptions and costs

You can choose as many subscriptions as you wish, to create a combination of features and services to best suit your requirements.

Core connectivity

Access a wide range of connected services and features with the My Honda+ app. Including remote door lock and unlock, a virtual dashboard and electronic vehicle health checks to keep you informed of any issues that may need attention. With the Honda e, you can even control the interior climate and charge remotely.

Front facing three quarter Honda Jazz Hybrid next to a laptop and tablet showing wifi connectionPackage details

In-car access to the internet; offering the capability for you and your passengers to view content via multiple devices.

Close up of Honda Personal Assistant in Honda e DashboardPackage details

Interact with your own onboard AI personal assistant. 'Ok Honda' will open a world of contextual dialogue that will help you plan your journey, check the weather and much more.

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