Just like with a petrol car, there are certain factors that can affect your mileage. For example, on the rare instances where the temperature falls below -5°C or above 35°C the battery may use power up more quickly.

Pre-acclimatising your car while it’s on charge can help negate this, as it means you don’t need to make adjustments while driving that might use up the battery, such as air conditioning or the heating. Other ways to help preserve power are driving in the Range power mode, which adjusts motor power with the aim of giving you extra miles and making sure your tyres are properly inflated.​

The all-electric CUPRA Born has a feature that helps you preserve energy on the road and regenerative braking. When you lift off the accelerator or put your foot down on the brake, it creates energy that without regenerative braking, is lost to the environment. When you put your foot down on the brake, it creates energy that until now has been lost. With regenerative braking, this kinetic energy is captured and converted to electric energy that is sent to the battery thus significantly increasing your range.




The average daily mileage for a driver in the UK is 20 miles, which increases to around 45 miles for a company car driver. These distances can be covered with ease by the all-electric CUPRA Born, and most drivers will also be covered by the electric range of 30 miles of the e-HYBRID models before the petrol engine kicks in.

But even if you find yourself in need of a charge while out on the road, there are plenty of charging stations along motorways, in many shopping centre car parks, and at many workplaces, so you can top up while taking a comfortable break or checking your emails.



The way you drive can affect your range in an electric or e-HYBRID car much in the same way as it does in a petrol car. For example, the way driving long distances at high speeds uses up petrol quicker, the same driving behaviour will also use electricity at a faster rate. This makes all-electric cars perfectly suited for shorter slower urban journeys, while e-HYBRIDs are ideal for longer trips done at speed. 

To plan your journeys efficiently, you can use apps such as CUPRA Connect and My CUPRA app for the CUPRA Born. These offer a whole suite of connected services, along with EV&me, which helps you to better understand your driving behaviour, allowing you to calculate how much range you need for your journeys​ +.

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