Get the most out of your CUPRA, with online services and connectivity for the Ateca, Formentor and Leon*.



Get the most out of your new CUPRA by downloading the CUPRA CONNECT app for Ateca, Formentor and Leon, or the My CUPRA App for the CUPRA Born. Once you’ve created your CUPRA ID discover the online services that will help you stay connected to your CUPRA wherever you go.


Enjoy remote control of your CUPRA and get full transparency on your car’s data.

Check your car’s location, instantly

Check your car's location, instantly

Did you forget where you parked? CUPRA CONNECT saves your car’s precise location automatically at the end of each journey, providing a walking route back to your CUPRA

cupra connect driving data

Analyse your driving data

Boost your driving performance. Analyse your speed, fuel consumption and distance travelled. Knowledge is power.

cupra connect app spot your cupra

Spot your CUPRA, even in crowded car parks

Can’t remember where you parked? Open the app, tap the Horn and Turn Signals option & your CUPRA will flash hazard lights & sound the horn (within 500m of your CUPRA).

Remote charging

Control the charging process remotely

You can start & stop the charging of your CUPRA instantly, schedule a charge before a trip and help to prolong the life of your battery by setting a desired state of charge (SOC).

Remote climate control

Remote climate control

You can be sure of jumping into your car at a comfortable temperature by programming your CUPRA to do it automatically at a chosen time.

Check the status of your car

Check the status of your car

Check the fuel level, the remaining battery range or check if the lights are off and windows are closed. Double check all these features in the app anytime for peace of mind.


Online Infotainment offers navigation and media features to keep you on track.

cupra connect online navigation screen

Online navigation

Get real-time updates and map the quickest alternative route. When you enter the destination, it instantly calculates the route taking into account traffic & travel conditions.

online infotainment route and destination

Route and destination import

Plan and customise your trip from home using the CONNECT app. Then send the directions straight to your CUPRA to be ready for when your journey starts.

online infotainment where to park

Find where to park, charge and refuel

Find the closest petrol or charging station, see opening hours & fuel prices on-screen, along with free parking spaces.

online infotainment voice assistant

Upgrade CUPRA's voice assistant

Give natural voice commands to your car to control navigation and media, dictate text messages and access online content.

cupra connect online media

Online Media*

Pair your CUPRA with your mobile phone’s personal hotspot to access your existing Apple Music subscription and listen to it straight from your car.


Take control of your CUPRA e-HYBRID by managing everything directly from the CUPRA CONNECT app.​


Remote charging

Instantly start and stop the charging process, schedule charging times and get detailed insights right from the app

See Charge Point Information

Find charging stations nearby and get information such as power types and opening hours.

Remote Climate Control

Remotely activate the heating or air conditioning, either manually or in advance, using the CUPRA CONNECT app^.


Download the CUPRA CONNECT App for IOS

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Download the CUPRA CONNECT App for Android

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Register your CUPRA on the CUPRA Portal

Create your CUPRA ID

* VWG test data for comparison purposes. Actual charging times will vary depending on car, battery and charger specification, temperature & condition, environmental factors, etc. Charging will be longer in cold weather. Timings based on a 5 to 80% charge using a 120kW charger.

^ You will be required to create an account and sign up to a monthly plan of which one of them is free (payment details required). For more details, see CUPRA Charging Service.

Lithium-ion batteries, of the type used in most electric vehicles (including CUPRA electric vehicles) have a restricted lifespan. Battery capacity will reduce over time, with use and charging. Reduction in battery capacity will affect the performance of the vehicle, including the range achievable, and may impact resale value. New car performance figures (including battery capacity and range) may be provided for the purposes of comparison between vehicles. You should not rely on new car performance figures (including battery capacity and range), in relation to used vehicles with older batteries, as they will not reflect used vehicle performance in the real world. For further information on battery degradation/preservation and the CUPRA 8 year/100,000 mile battery warranty, please click here.

Please note that some images and specifications may not reflect UK specification or may only be available as an option.

Figures shown are for comparability purposes; only compare fuel consumption and CO2 figures with other vehicles tested to the same technical procedures. Figures may not reflect real life driving results.