Company Car Safety Features

SEAT continues to innovate and develop warning systems and improved safety technology for the evolving needs of company car drivers. Research shows that driver error is among the most common causes of road accidents.

SEAT business cars come equipped with advanced sensor technologies and machine learning to alert the driver and reduce the risk of collision. Our Tarraco, for example, carries a five-star NCAP rating which also helps to reduce insurance costs.

Front Assist warns the driver if you are travelling too close to the car in front. If you fail to respond, the emergency braking system will be automatically applied if the distance between your car and the one in front is drastically reduced and return the car to a safe distance. A sophisticated front sensor also detects crossing pedestrians, applying the brakes in an emergency.

Blind Spot Detection makes it easier and safer to change lanes by detecting potential vehicles in your blind spot. Blind Spot Detection uses an LED warning light in the exterior mirror to provide a lane departure warning and will alert you if any cars are approaching from behind when you change lanes.

With Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), you can select a desired speed using simple controls. As traffic conditions change, ACC automatically adjusts its speed to maintain a safe distance from the car in front. Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control moves the game on, interacting with your satellite navigation and traffic sign recognition systems to automatically adjust your speed to your environment, slowing you down, for example, as you approach a roundabout.

Our business cars effortlessly combine exciting features and advanced safety innovations that make driving easier and safer.