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SEAT Leon Cupra

Feel the Intensity


Raw, passionate and truly thrilling to drive – this is the Leon CUPRA. A whole new level of precision engineering and pure power, it’s racetrack technology adapted for the road. Combine that with signature Leon style and you’ve got an unforgettable, unrivalled driving experience.

Introducing the SEAT Leon Cupra
SEAT Leon Cupra at Riverside Motors



A Strong Core

The Leon CUPRA is powered by engineering perfection. With engines honed to optimise every drop of fuel, it delivers both power and efficiency, not to mention an awful lot of fun. But the real thrill is pressing the pedal and feeling that raw acceleration. The numbers will give you a good idea of how it feels but there’s only one way to really discover it – request a test drive now.


Designed for

Every inch of the Leon CUPRA evokes the spirit of competition. Its racetrack DNA is evident in the sculpted rear spoiler, visible dual exhaust pipes and imposing central grille, so it looks as powerful and agile on the outside as it is on the inside. What’s more, you can give it your own spin by choosing one of the colour packs available for each model. Heads will turn.


SEAT Leon Cupra Design

SEAT Leon Cupra Technology


Next Generation

When driving feels this good, technology is always there in the background to help give you the best experience possible. The Leon CUPRA is packed with great features designed to make every journey easy, safe and enjoyable.


In safe

Great design means that sporty and safe needn’t be mutually exclusive. The Leon CUPRA is equipped with high-friction brake pads, Start Stop technology and Brake Assist, to name just a few. It’s a powerful car but your safety always comes first.

SEAT Leon Cupra Safety

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