Browse this page to take a closer look at CUPRA's family of electric and e-HYBRID cars.

You’ll also learn more about how to get the most out of your battery, as well as the vast array of features and benefits the range offers.


CUPRA's electric and e-HYBRID cars deliver exceptional performance, comfort, and efficiency.

MEB platformA smoother drive

CUPRA's all-electric cars have no clutch for effortless gear changes and extra torque for immediate acceleration. ​

CUPRA Born interiorDrive it your way

Comfort, Sport, or Eco? CUPRA cars come with driving modes that let you drive your car your way.

CUPRA Leon Hatch ExteriorDriving made stress-free

With reduced engine noise and smooth braking, our electric and e-HYBRID cars make for a truly relaxing drive. ​


CUPRA's first all-electric car, the CUPRA Born blends performance, style, and innovative technology to bring you the perfect family car.​

Remote chargingThe CUPRA Born has been named Best Electric Family Car of 2022 by WhatCar?

sports steering wheel A leather-bound sports steering wheel puts technology at your fingertips.

ceremony lights CUPRA BornThe striking Ceremony lights welcome you when you unlock the car. ​

Battery position

The battery is positioned in the centre of the car which helps to maximise interior space.​​

CUPRASimply electric

With no combustion engine, the wheels are positioned right to the car’s four corners, improving the car’s handling.​ ​

CUPRALow centre of gravity

The battery’s position also lowers the centre of gravity which gives the Born a more dynamic performance. ​


The future of driving is electric. CUPRA's e-HYBRID cars bring together traditional combustion and new electric power to provide an exceptional drive.​

CUPRA Born steering wheelSet your perfect temperature, and pick your driving mode straight from the steering wheel.

Lumbar supported seatsCUPRA's e-HYBRIDs feature lumbar-supported seats in the front and are fully adjustable.

CUPRA Born interiorWith all the driving technology beneath the car, the interior is extra spacious.​​



Charge anywhere

Charge points are available at many petrol stations, public car parks, workplaces, and supermarkets.

Top up as you go

With an ever-growing infrastructure of charge points, it’s quick and easy to top up as you go.

Charging an e-HYBRID (from 0-100%) at home can take 3 hours and 33 minutes using an at-home wall box (3.6kW), or 5 hours using a conventional plug (2.3kW)§.

Charging, it’s easier than you think

There are a variety of fast and efficient ways to charge your CUPRA electric or e-HYBRID vehicle.

At home

Installing a wall box at home makes charging quick, simple, and cost-effective. Plus, with a dual-fuel home energy supply from CUPRA's partner Octopus Energy, you can save up to £90 on your bills.



Remove range anxiety

Planning for longer trips can remove any anxiety about your car's battery range. Apps like Zap Map and Better Routeplanner can create routes that take you past charge points.

Environmental conditions

Extreme weather may influence your battery's performance. In the rare instances when temperatures fall below -5oc or above 35oc electric cars have to work harder and lose power quicker.

Short and long distances

A CUPRA e-HYBRID is capable of shorter journeys of up to 30 miles purely in electric mode. For longer journeys e-HYBRID mode combines the petrol engine and electric motor which charges while you drive. Fully electric cars meanwhile can take you much further on electricity alone. The CUPRA Born has an official range of up to 343 miles (WLTP test figures).

Make the most of your charge

Using the air-conditioning, or the heater in your car uses the battery’s power. That’s why CUPRA's electric and e-HYBRID cars can be pre-acclimatised, so they are the perfect temperature before you switch on the car.  ​


Low Emission Zones

The electric and e-HYBRID range, including the Formentor, Leon, Leon Estate, and upcoming Born, are exempt from congestion charges. They are also exempt from charges from Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ).

Lower running costs

Owning an electric or e-HYBRID vehicle could reduce your running costs. Other benefits include reduced road tax compared to petrol cars and up to 12% Benefit in Kind **.