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Introducing the New Mitsubishi L200 Series 5

ALL New Mitsubishi L200

All L200 variants are powered by Mitsubishi's 4N15 turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine. The newly developed diesel engine features greatly improved fuel consumption due to a low compression ratio that raises combustion efficiency. The vehicle is the world’s first pickup truck with an aluminium engine, which reduces the total weight by about 30 kg.

The Mitsubishi L200 will have the introduction of a Single Cab and Club Cab variants to their range from August this year. A highly specified variant, named 4Life, will be available in both a Single Cab and Club bodystyle. Single and Club Cab colours will mirror those currently available on Double Cab 4Life.

The L200 Series 5 family with the introduction of Single and Club Cab variants, will have improved specification, fuel economy and driving dynamics over their Series 4 predecessors. The will also comply with the latest Euro 6b emission regulations.

All New Mitsubishi L200 5 Series
Mitsubishi L200 Model Range

Mitsubishi L200 Series 5 Model Range

Model Body Colour List Price
L200 4-Life Man  Single Cab various £19,000
L200 4-Life Man  Club Cab various £21,150
L200 4-Life Man  Double Cab various £21,400
L200 Titan Man Double Cab various £23,000
L200 Warrior Man Double Cab various £25,300
L200 Warrior Auto Double Cab various £26,700
L200 Barbarian Man Double Cab various £26,400
L200 Barbarian Auto Double Cab various £27,800

*Prices exclude VAT, Road Fund Licence & Government First Registration Fee.



This 5-speed unit provides smooth gear changes and enhanced fuel economy during motorway driving. Its electronic control can adapt to your driving style, while the Sports Mode facility offers clutchless manual gearshifting for instant response. Available on: Warrior, Barbarian.


Mitsubishi L200 at Riverside Motors

Mitsubishi L200 5 Speed Automatic

Mitsubishi L200 Rain Sensors


Rain Sensors detect moisture on the windscreen and activates the wipers automatically. Dusk Sensors switches head and tail lamps on and off automatically depending on the outside light level. Standard on: Challenger, Titan, Warrior, Barbarian

Mitubishi Commercial Vehicle Scheme

Enhanced Terms Available for Business Users against the list price of any New Mitsubishi Commercial Vehicle. For further details please contact our sales team at Scarborough or Doncaster.


The multifunctional navigation system clearly displays navigation and music functions on a big touch panel display with easy-to-use interface. Images from the rear-view camera can also be displayed to enhance driving safety.

Mitsubishi L200 SD Navigation System

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