Service Payment Plans

Service Payment Plan​

​An easy and convenient solution to spread the cost of vehicle servicing by monthly direct debit. Customers can spread the cost of their next service, and can opt for either a scheduled service or value service to suit their budget.

  • Spread the cost of servicing
  • Interest free payments
  • Approved Mitsubishi servicing
  • Transferable to your next vehicle
  • Available for all Mitsubishi vehicles first registered after 2009

1. Spread the Cost

You can pay by monthly direct debit to keep your monthly outgoings down

2. Flexible Services

Choose from a range of services to suit your budget

3. Inflation Proof

Protect yourself against price rises with an un-changing payment

4. 100% Mitsubishi

Servicing using only Mitsubishi approved parts

5. Technical Expertise

Service completed by Mitsubishi trained technicians

6. Enhanced Resale Value

Using official Mitsubishi parts protects your resale value

7. Transfer to your new car

If you move to a new Mitsubishi during the plan you can take it with you 

Service Payment Plans are a great way to look after your vehicle. You can spread the cost of your servicing; packages are tailored to suit your vehicle, and its designed to make everything easy and convenient.

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