Mitsubishi First

Mitsubishi First

Complimentary accident aftercare service for all Mitsubishi drivers following an accident, regardless of who the customer is insured by. Available 24 /7, liaising with the customer insurance company to manage the entire claim process, vehicle recovery to Mitsubishi approved repair centre and a courtesy car provided.

  • Courtesy car
  • Approved Mitsubishi repairs
  • Genuine Mitsubishi parts
  • Available to all Mitsubishi drivers regardless of age
Key BenefitsMitsubishi FirstMost UK insurers
Repaired using only Mitsubishi-approved parts and panelsYesNo
Repaired only at a Mitsubishi Approved Repair CentreYesNo
Safeguards your Mitsubishi’s mechanical, body and anti-corrosion warrantyYesNo
A repair that maintains your Mitsubishi’s safety standards by fitting Mitsubishi-approved partsYesNo
Free nationwide vehicle recovery to a Mitsubishi Approved Repair CentreYesNo
Free courtesy car for all accidents, when repaired by a Mitsubishi, Approved Repair CentreYesNo
Arrange a replacement vehicle if yours is written off or stolenYesNo
A repair that helps to protect your Mitsubishi’s residual value and re-sale appealYesNo
Guaranteed quality of the repair5 years3 years
Keeps your Mitsubishi 100% MitsubishiYesNo

Why should I call Mitsubishi First and not my insurer?

Most UK motor insurers do not guarantee to fit Mitsubishi-approved parts and will repair your vehicle at their nominated repairer. This could affect the warranty, safety standard and resale value of your vehicle.

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So one minute your Mitsubishi is 100% Mitsubishi… then it isn’t.

MITSUBISHI FIRST exercises your right to a repair at a Mitsubishi Approved Repair Centre, where only Mitsubishi-approved parts are fitted – helping to protect your Mitsubishi’s safety rating, warranty, residual value and original driving pleasure. In other words, we keep your Mitsubishi 100% Mitsubishi.​

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need to report the claim to my insurer if you are dealing with my claim?

No. Once you call MITSUBISHI FIRST we will notify your insurer of the accident and which Mitsubishi Approved Repair Centre your Mitsubishi is to be repaired at. If you don’t call MITSUBISHI FIRST, your insurer will dictate where your vehicle will be repaired and it will be too late for you to exercise your right to have your Mitsubishi repaired at a Mitsubishi Accident Repair Centre.

What do Mitsubishi customers pay for this service?

This is a FREE service to all Mitsubishi drivers – there’s no catch. We simply manage the claim on your behalf. When an accident is not your fault we recover all costs from the other party’s insurer. Similarly, there is no extra cost if the accident was your fault. Assuming that you are comprehensively insured, your only cost is any uninsured cost, such as policy excess.

What information will you require from me in order to manage the claim?

When you call us you will not need to fill in a claim form as we will do this for you over the telephone. In the event that you are missing some details, we will investigate and make enquiries.

How will Mitsubishi and my insurer agree on the cost of the repair?

We approve all repair costs with your insurer. The assigned Mitsubishi Accident Repair Centre submits an estimate of the repair cost for your insurer’s approval before proceeding with the repair. Costs for completing repairs are standardised.

If I call Mitsubishi First will it increase my next insurance premium?

Definitely not, if you were not at fault for the accident; the other party’s insurer pays for your claim. If the accident is your fault, any increase in your next premium should be no more than if the insurer’s bodyshop did the repair, as we approve all repair costs with your insurer prior to proceeding.

I'm a Mitsubishi used vehicle owner – can I use this service?
This service is available to all Mitsubishi drivers in the UK, regardless of the age of your vehicle, whether your vehicle is new or used, or has had a number of previous owners. It is also available to anyone who drives your Mitsubishi, providing they are insured. This service can be passed on to new owners if you sell your Mitsubishi.

Can you help with all accidents, even a small dent?

For any accident, no matter how big or small, you should always call MITSUBISHI FIRST. We will arrange your Mitsubishi repairs with no hassle or inconvenience.

How does Mitsubishi benefit from providing this service?
Mitsubishi wants to help customers during a time of stress and inconvenience. We also have a duty of care to ensure that customer’s vehicles are repaired to Mitsubishi’s exacting standards.