Outlander PHEV Commercial

The Outlander PHEV is a Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. It has a highly-efficient 2.4-litre petrol engine and twin technologically advanced electric (EV) drive motors. This is not just a revolution. It’s EV-olution.

Charge up your business with the UK's best selling plug-in hybrid. CV OTR from £24,820.37 with government plug-in van grant

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Electric Driving Range

The end of driving range anxiety

The Mitsubishi plug-in hybrid 4x4 has a 13.8 kWh large capacity battery and a new fuel-efficient 2.4 litre petrol engine, enabling it to travel further than you think.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Charging

As easy as charging your phone

Charging the Outlander PHEV is as easy as charging your phone. You can charge from any UK mains socket or install a dedicated charger, as well as at thousands of public charge points across the UK.

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Running Costs

Same commute. Now for pennies a day

The Outlander PHEV will run for 28 miles in pure electric (EV) mode, so your running costs will be considerably lower. Not only that, your company car tax (BiK) will be lower and you won't pay any congestion charge.

Outlander PHEV Reflex Commercial

CV OTR from £24,820.37 with government plug-in van grant

Outlander PHEV Reflex Grey

The Outlander PHEV Reflex is based off are well-equipped PHEV Verve. Designed for true financial and environmental benefits.

Outlander PHEV Reflex Plus Commercial

CV OTR From £25,589.84 with government plug-in van grant

Based off the Reflex Commercial. The Plus adds 18" alloy wheels, reversing camera and much more.

Government Plug-in Van Grant

Besides the more obvious environmental benefits and greener business credentials from running an ULEV, a key financial benefit is the UK government's Plug-in Van Grant. We are pleased to announce continued eligibility of the grant for model year 20, with VAT exempt customers benefiting from CV OTR prices from £24,298 post-grant.

Representative example: VX2 Outlander PHEV Reflex Commercial (Solid Paint)
 Vehicle List Price  (Inc. VAT)£37,950.00
     (EX. Vat)£31,625.00
 First Year VED  (Zero VAT)£260.00
     (Inc. VAT)£38,210.00
 Transaction Price VAT£6,325.00
     (EX. Vat)£31,885.00
     (20% of 
 Plug-in Van Grant Value Transaction £7,642.00
     Price Inc. VAT) 
     (Inc. VAT)£30,568.00
  (EX. Vat)£24,243.00
 Total Payable By Customer CV OTR (Ex. 
  VAT, Inc. £55£24,298.00

Representative example: VX3 Outlander PHEV Reflex Plus Commercial (Solid)
Vehicle List Price (Inc. VAT) £39,265.79
(EX. Vat) £32,721.49
First Year VED (Zero VAT) £260.00
(Inc. VAT) £39,525.79
Transaction Price VAT £6,544.30
(EX. Vat) £32,981.49
(20% of
Plug-in Van Grant Value Transaction £7,905.16
Price Inc. VAT)
(Inc. VAT) £31,620.63
(EX. Vat) £25,076.33
Total Payable By Customer CV OTR (Ex.
VAT, Inc. £55£25,131.33

Company Car Tax

BIK savings with the Outlander PHEV

Find out how much you could save by using the Outlander PHEV as a company vehicle.

So how does this all work?

From April 2002 a graduated system of tax was introduced that uses a vehicles CO2 emissions to determine the amount of company car tax an individual pays on a company supplied vehicle. A vehicle's CO2 emission level determines the percentage of the vehicle’s P11D value (List Price) that can be taxed. This means that vehicles with lower CO2 emissions will incur a lower tax liability. This is only applicable to passenger cars, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV’s) work on a different calculation using a fixed value of £3,430 multiplied by the individuals tax rate.

Monthly £ amount paid by end user (2019-2020 tax year)***

How does Company Car Tax work?

For passenger cars Company Car tax (or BIK tax) is calculated using the CO2 emissions figure each vehicle outputs. Your vehicles emission figure will fall into a BIK band which is associated with a percentage. This percentage is applied to the P11D value (list price) of your vehicle, giving you a maximum taxable amount. Your individual tax rate is then applied to the maximum taxable amount to give you the BIK tax you pay on your vehicle per year.

Visit Gov.uk for more information on Company Car Tax bands.

For Diesel vehicles that do not qualify for the new RDE2 certification, an additional 4% is added to the BIK % up to 37%

* List Prices and BIK rates correct at time of publication - 2nd September 2019

** Commercial Vehicle BIK assumes private use with no fuel benefit

Outlander PHEV P11D ValueCO2BIK %BIK Payable 20%BIK Payable 40%
Verve Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £35,400.00 40 16% £94.40 £188.80
Design Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £36,400.00 40 16% £97.07 £194.13
Dynamic Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £38,500.00 40 16% £102.67 £205.33
Dynamic Safety Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £41,000.00 40 16% £109.33 £218.67
Exceed Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £40,900.00 40 16% £109.07 £218.13
Exceed Safety Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £43,455.00 40 16% £115.88 £231.76
4h Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD
£39,445.00 40 16% £105.19 £210.37
4hs Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £41,965.00 40 16% £111.91 £223.81
5h Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £43,880.00 40 16% £117.01 £234.03
5hs Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £46,005.00 40 16% £122.68 £245.36
Outlander PHEV Commercial
P11D ValueCO2BIK %BIK Payable 20%BIK Payable 40%
Juro Commercial Petrol Hybrid Auto 4WD £39,250.00 40 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33

If you're looking for:
  • Game changing engineering
  • Worlds most successful Plug-in-Hybrid
  • Dynamic styling from front to back
  • Acres of interior space
  • Advanced safety technology
  • All your favourite apps on board
  • Supremely efficient
  • Impressive towing power

The Mitsubishi PHEV is the next car for you!

Why choose Mitsubishi?

We understand that your business is unique, our range of vehicles have the flexibility to accomplish anything life throws at them, whether you're looking for towing capacity, 4x4 ability or maximum fuel efficiency.



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