Mitsubishi L200

Mitsubishi L200

From £21,735

The new model Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck. This is no ordinary pickup truck.


The Mitsubishi L200 has been named ‘Best Pick-up’ at this year's Business Vans of the Year Awards 2020. Now in their sixth year, the Business Vans awards are judged by an independent panel of experts from the commercial vehicle segment, reflecting the real needs of the tradespeople, small businesses and commercial fleets in the SME sector.

The judges recognised Mitsubishi Motors as an innovator of technology in the segment, with proven reliability and renowned 4WD ability, and praised its comprehensive five-year warranty, three-year assistance package and real world fuel economy.

One look and you know it means business

The L200 is a pickup truck that positively screams toughness from grille to tailgate.

In pursuit of the ultimate toughness

We put the L200 pickup through rigorous tests. But being tough wasn’t enough for us. It had to be able to endure the harshest conditions – it had to go beyond tough.

Tough doesn’t mean uncomfortable

Step inside the Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck and you'll find a roomy, comfortable interior that feels more like a passenger car.

The Mitsubishi L200 range

Discover all the models in the L200 pickup range, from the L200 4Life to the special edition L200 Barbarian X at Riverside Mitsubishi Doncaster

L200 4Life from £21,735

Special Edition L200 Barbarian X from £32,525

* All L200 prices are commercial vehicle on the road (CV OTR). This excludes VAT (at 20%) and includes VED and First Registration Fee.​

You could drive away the Mitsubishi L200 Double Cab DI-D Trojan 4WD for an Outstanding £249.99 per month

Plus £999 initial rental All rentals + VAT at 20%. 60 month rental term. 8,000 miles per annum. Excess mileage @8.80p + VAT per mile. Provided by Shogun Vehicle Leasing network. Business users only.

Here at Riverside Mitsubishi we offer a range of finance packages to suit your business requirements and can tailor a quote based on monthly payments and mileage.

To get your personalised quote contact us today on 01302 380000, or clickto enquire.

Company car tax

If you have a company car, you’ll have to pay tax on it called Benefit-In-Kind (BIK). The amount of tax you’ll pay depends on your earnings, the cost of the car and the amount of CO2 the car produces.

So how does this all work?

From April 2002 a graduated system of tax was introduced that uses a vehicles CO2 emissions to determine the amount of company car tax an individual pays on a company supplied vehicle. A vehicle's CO2 emission level determines the percentage of the vehicle’s P11D value (List Price) that can be taxed. This means that vehicles with lower CO2 emissions will incur a lower tax liability. This is only applicable to passenger cars, Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV’s) work on a different calculation using a fixed value of £3,430 multiplied by the individuals tax rate.

Monthly £ amount paid by end user (2019-2020 tax year)***


P11D ValueCO2BIK %BIK Payable 20%BIK Payable 40%
Club Cab 4Life Diesel Manual 4WD £21,200.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Double Cab 4Life Diesel Manual 4WD £22,400.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Double Cab Warrior Diesel Manual 4WD £26,085.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Double Cab Warrior Leather Diesel Manual 4WD £27,285.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Double Cab Warrior Diesel Auto 4WD £27,485.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Double Cab Warrior Diesel Auto 4WD (Leather) £28,685.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Double Cab Barbarian Diesel Auto 4WD (Leather) £33,120.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Barbarian Double Cab Diesel Manual 4WD (Leather) £28,985.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Barbarian Double Cab Diesel Manual 4WD (Leather) £30,385.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33
Double Cab Barbarian X Diesel Auto 4WD (Leather) £31,885.00 199 £3,430.00 £57.17 £114.33

How does Company Car Tax work?

For passenger cars Company Car tax (or BIK tax) is calculated using the CO2 emissions figure each vehicle outputs. Your vehicles emission figure will fall into a BIK band which is associated with a percentage. This percentage is applied to the P11D value (list price) of your vehicle, giving you a maximum taxable amount. Your individual tax rate is then applied to the maximum taxable amount to give you the BIK tax you pay on your vehicle per year.

Visit for more information on Company Car Tax bands.

For Diesel vehicles that do not qualify for the new RDE2 certification, an additional 4% is added to the BIK % up to 37%

* List Prices and BIK rates correct at time of publication - 2nd September 2019

** Commercial Vehicle BIK assumes private use with no fuel benefit

If you're looking for a vehicle with formidable power under the bonnet and outstanding towing strength look no further than the Mitsubishi L200. With a range of specifications available call Riverside Doncaster today on 01302 380000 to find out more, alternatively click here to enquire.

Why choose Mitsubishi?

We understand that your business is unique, our range of vehicles have the flexibility to accomplish anything life throws at them, whether you're looking for towing capacity, 4x4 ability or maximum fuel efficiency.